Book Review: The Invisible Heart

Capitalism involves struggle, but it has an invisible heart beating at its core that transforms people’s lives. If you give it the chance. Look at the full picture and you get a very different perspective. ~ The Invisible Heart, by Russell Roberts

The Invisible Heart

Do homeless people have the right to use the money given to them to buy drugs? Do CEOs fire people for kicks? Why are more and more businesses moving their production out of the United States and into foreign countries? Is it ethical to pay foreign workers far less than a US worker would demand? Is the minimum wage law really helping the working man?

In Russell Roberts’ The Invisible Heart: An Economic Romance, all of these questions and  much more are addressed in a discussion format between the characters of two young people who both have a passion for what they do and what they believe.  Roberts packs the facts of an economic textbook into a well-written novel. Of the two central characters, Laura would not call herself a socialist per se — just as many in our society wouldn’t out and out call themselves socialists, and truly do not think they are. But Sam has no scruples about calling himself a capitalist, and the discussions he and Laura share are incredible to explain the entire economic process to the reader.

Capitalism is an often misunderstood word in today’s society. To some it means freedom and morality; to others, ruthless business ethics and tyranny over the poor. But what is capitalism really? If you’re not sure, or even if you think you are, I highly recommend Roberts’ book to simply and thoroughly explain the concepts of capitalism versus socialism.

Economic text books are numerous, and there are many excellent ones that explain very well the concepts of economics. But have you ever read a fictional book that explained economics thoroughly? And not only that, but correctly? This book is a rare find. I seriously read it in two days — I couldn’t put it down! Whether you’re someone who struggles with understanding economics in a text book, or just want a good, thought provoking read, you will enjoy this book.

Quirky Sam Gordon and pragmatic Laura Silver both teach at the same high school in Washington D.C. Sam teaches economics; Laura teaches literature and English. Laura was brought up to believe that CEOs are inherently evil because they won’t share their wealth, and that the government has to make them share. Sam teaches the exact opposite in his classroom. He teaches pure capitalism, and it’s beautiful. Of course, the two teachers meet and are even attracted to one another (yep, an economic romance, if you can believe it!).

Here’s the beauty of this book: the entire concept of economics is taught through discussions Sam and Laura share, the process of Sam teaching his classroom students, and show downs between Sam and other characters who take on Sam and his economic values. The blueprint of economics versus socialism is shown so clearly, and all through the story of the characters. Even people who detested economics in high school or college will find this book interesting and even compelling.

I would go so far as to say that reading this book should be a must-read for every college student in the nation. That is how well I think it explains economics. And it’s a really fun read too!

Give yourself a treat and a lesson in one by reading The Invisible Heart: An Economic Romance by Russell Roberts. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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