Book Review: The Troy Standard

I found my way to the liberty movement through the writings of Ayn Rand. I therefore admit some bias when I say that the best way to get new people to explore the ideas of freedom, individual rights, and capitalism is to illustrate the points in a story.

Of course, it’s not always possible to get people to read something as lengthy and complex as Atlas Shrugged.

It was with great pleasure that I stumbled across A. G. Fredericks on social media. His Twitter bio presents him as “#Libertarian, son of a US Marine, Fiscal Conservative Author of acclaimed Indie thriller #TheTroyStandard & #LibertyGulch.”

I quickly procured a copy of his first book, The Troy Standard, and was very impressed. It is the story of a man who is courageous enough to point out the problems with status quo and he suffers dearly for his convictions. It is also an engaging discussion of Austrian economic policies. <--break->

In the words of Evey from V for Vendetta, “Artists use lies to tell the truth.” Encouraging friends or coworkers to read an engaging story is often much easier than handing them an economic treatise, or scholarly article. The Troy Standard is only 192 pages long and contains touching emotional drama, harrowing suspense, and action-packed thrills. In short, it is a perfect summer read.

Amidst these elements is a clearly defined lesson in economics. Allowing the governement and bankers, the people Fredericks calls “the men behind the desks” to control the value of money can never end well. An inordinate amount of control is granted to these men, giving them power over all who trade with their fiat currency. Both the economy and personal liberty suffer as a result. These issues affect every person within our society. Many feel that the concepts of fiscal policy are out of their grasp.

Fredericks’ book will make all readers think about these issues in a new way. I am sure that it will also motivate many to continue to explore them and search for the return to an accountable fiscal policy.

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