Brand New Towson University Chapter Involves TU

After shoe-horning ourselves in at the last moment, Towson University YAL was allowed our table at the Involvement Fair. Even with all the red tape, the bureaucracy couldn’t stop the power of free markets! We got going right away, setting up our table swiftly, attentive to YAL standards. We came equipped with our Jenganomics kit, which was received very well. A lot of students seemed to understand the analogy.

Jenga set up

We assigned the players as different government agencies destroying the economy. We named each block we “redistributed” a different tax or program every time. It was a lot of fun and hopefully taught some people an important lesson. The hardwood floors made it even better when the economy crashed because the whole room would turn and look. It definitely generated interest.


We want to give a big shout out to YAL National for giving us the materials to get this thing started up. We hope to double our size by next semester. Hopefully we can reach our goal!

See you after Generation of War!

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