Brickyard Tabling

On the afternoon of Friday, September 15, we held a tabling event on the Brickyard, under the trees in front of the Atrium.  Destiny Guinn, the chapter quartermaster, and I, the chapter schedule master, set up a table with a YAL banner on it and began to pass out books.  We were fortunate to have a number of titles promoting libertarian beliefs, such as I, Pencil and Economics in One Lesson from the FEE activism kit.

The event was fairly well attended, and people came by the table on their way to and from class and to the Atrium.  We offered everyone who walked past a selection of free books, and many people accepted.  There’s something about handing out free books that’s a lot more satisfying than handing out cup cozies and t-shirts.  Destiny and I gave a brief description of our club to everyone who attended, and were glad to talk to some for a longer interval about YAL’s philosophy and what we do on campus.  Hopefully, several new members will show up for our upcoming meetings! 

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