Bridgewater College YAL Takes on Their First Clubs & Activities Fair

At Bridgewater College, we had classes start on August 29th, but the real important event that signals the start of a new semester is the college’s biannual Clubs and Activities Fair. This fair took place on Thursday, August 31st. At the event students are invited and encouraged to come out and find some clubs or groups that interest them, so they can be involved. We got the YAL chapter approved at the end of the previous Spring semester, so this was our first real public showing of YAL on campus. At the time we had around only 15 members because that is the bare minimum to get approved for a club.

At the Activities Fair it used to be semi required that students show up and see a few booths, but this year the college changed that this year. So there was a little bit of worry that not many people would show up and at first when the event started not many students came in. Later throughout the evening though lots of students actually came out and we started racking up new members. They varied in their level of enthusiasm, but none the less they still gave us their name and email. We had students of all grad years, but the biggest group were freshman.

For our setup at the table we had a tri fold with a few of our stances on issues and our school adjusted name. We call our chapter Bridgewater Students for Liberty, but we also put that we are a part of YAL’s network. We had a bowl of candy to help draw people in and talk to them. We had pocket constitutions that YAL sent us to offer people. We also offered the business cards with how to talk to police that YAL provides. Then we also had literature about our stances versus the stances of both the right and left that YAL provided. Between the candy and business cards we attracted a lot of people and got them excited.

Having a large base of new members who are freshman bodes well for our chapter’s future. We had about 20 people sign up at the fair and a few extra signups during the weekend. Bridgewater is a small college of around 2,000 students and being such a new club my leadership team and I are excited about what the future can holds for us. We will have our first official general meeting next week and are excited to start promoting liberty on campus throughout the semester.

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