Bridgewater Hosts YAL-Oween

On October 30th from noon to 2:30pm the YAL chapter at Bridgewater College hosted its first ever Activism Event and it was YAL-Oween. We did our event the day before Halloween because of weather and we were on our campus lawn in the middle of campus. We were just off of the busiest sidewalk on campus. We were able to talk with multiple students and inform them of rights they lost due to the government. We had 10 tombstones that had “RIP” at the top of them and then underneath there was things like, “peace” or “your paycheck”. So students would be intrigued and come up and talk to us and ask more about the meaning behind the tombstones. We had information and some literature spread out on our table which was right next to our tombstones. Some even signed up to join the email list and took some of the literature we had on the table that we were offering. We had about 30 people stop by and talk which was a decent amount for our small campus, especially during class changes. We had 10 sign up for the email list which was great. We even has a couple of professors stop by one of which was a business professor who was impressed with students doing an informative event like we did about politics.


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