Bright future for UD’s Free Speech Ball


On September 1, Friday of the first week of school, Young Americans for Liberty at the University of Delaware conducted our first activism event of the year – the traditional Free Speech Ball! The giant ball certainly attracted attention, with many intrigued by what we were doing. Free Constitutions also drew people in, as we almost ran out by the end of the afternoon. By the time we closed down for dinner, the ball was covered in speech and expression. Topics ranged from politics to motivational quotes to Game of Thrones. The student body was surprisingly enthusiastic. Once they heard a little bit about it, they thought it was a really cool thing we were doing. We even got many of them to sign our petition endorsing the Chicago principles and greater free speech on college campuses.


Despite the University’s ban on holding events on the Green without a permit, no action was taken and no one asked us to stop. I’d call this a victory for free speech! Thank you to Alex Staudt for helping make liberty win at UD!


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