Bring Ron Paul to Auburn

Well, YAL @ Auburn is at it again!

A few members spent the last week speaking with other students (and teachers) in class, around campus, and at a baseball game about the prospects of bringing Ron Paul to Auburn. Their efforts collectlively earned 844 more signatures showing support for Dr. Paul speaking at Auburn. That brings Auburn’s grand total to roughly 2500 signatures! Weather conditions forced the group inside the Student Center yesterday, where even more students signed up.


The group would like to thank YAL for our new palm cards, and encourage any other group that is yet to order them to do so immediately. They are a great way to illustrate to others just how much they have in common with YAL.

At Table

At Monday night’s meeting, YAL @ AU had the honor of hosting Dr.Roger Garrison, a professor of economics at Auburn University, and author of Time and Money: The Macroeconomics of Capital Structure, which is a must read for anyone interested in economics and the Austrian Theory of the Business Cycle. Dr. Garrison presented a slide show, an extended version of which can be found here.  As you can tell, his slides are available online for anyone eager for an education in economics!

Meeting with Garrison

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