Bring Them Home at CSULB

What started out as a dreary, rainy morning, transformed into a crisp, sunny day of liberty-loving students advocating to Support the Troops by Bringing Them Home.

YAL Long Beach setting up for tabling … Pocket Constitutions? Check! 

Students approached the table intrigued by the flag, and curious on our stance on military intervention. To quote one student, “the two seem incompatible”. Not really. “We value the lives of our soldiers and resources of our country, so we want them to be used as effectively as possible. Right now both of those are concentrated in areas where they need not be.”

To show our support, we handed out Draft Cards, letting them know that they had been drafted to attend our next meeting where we will be creating care packages for currently deployed soldiers.

One student serving in the Navy said he was happy to see YAL getting involved in this way after having been a recipient of care packages while he was deployed.

Students came to support the cause, and learn more about YAL as a club.

Several students, including many veterans, came to the table to discuss military intervention. While opinions spanned across the board, we all had one thing in common: a love for the U.S.A.

This love, and passion for principle is what will #makelibertywin at CSULB.

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