Bring Them Home at Hobart William Smith College

What was perhaps most fascinating about the Bring Them Home Event was how many people, across the political spectrum, engaged with and agreed with our message. The American people are sick of war, sick of their brothers, sisters, father, mothers, and friends being stuck in dangerous situations to fight in wars that the American people no longer consent to, and in many cases, that Congress never approved of. Wars that we dump trillions into while conditions worsen in the subject countries and we neglect our needs domestically. We tax citizens to pay for wars that they are sent to fight by a government that has no interest in ending these conflicts.

It is up to us as citizens to hold our government accountable, bring our people home safely, and end the cycle of intervention. War has gone from the unthinkable to the necessary evil, to the new normal. It’s time to end that, it’s time to stop jumping into conflicts that the United States is under no obligation or need to get involved in to defend themselves. It’s time to stop pursuing “targeted” options such as airstrikes that inevitably destabilize the situation on the ground perpetually until troops are needed. It’s time to stop subjecting our brave volunteers to the horrors of war, time and time again while never actually knowing why they’re fighting there in the first place.

Our campus, among the many others hosting this event, is just the start. The American people know what they want, and as we come upon another opportunity to elect officials that will reflect these desires, let us be the ones to point them in the right direction, find the best people for these jobs, and #MakeLibertyWin.



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