Bring Them Home at St. Lawrence University

YAL at St. Lawrence University held their Bring Them Home event last Tuesday, April 3rd in the Sullivan Student Center. Wanting to have one of the signs from the kit at eye-level (Leadership Institute taught me well), we taped one of the “military checkpoint” signs to an easel next to our table. Our vice president Gabriel Thomas also had the idea to use the other sign as a base for one of the spinner wheels, then taping the base to the easel so it would look more like a game show wheel. Although we got turned down a few times, many students were receptive to our “draft” and signed up for our next meeting.

The issue of noninterventionist foreign policy is the main issue that drew me to the liberty movement to begin with, so I was glad to draw awareness to it on my campus. I’m looking forward to our next meeting where we will discuss this further.

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