Bring Them Home at Temple University

Immediately when I set up my table for the Bring Them Home event at Temple University, it drew interest. Someone walked over and read the posters on the table. He asked what the event was about and when I told him about it and what YAL does, he was very interested. He is a veteran who was surprised to see a club that wanted to support the troops while ending wars. I asked him to sign up and he was excited to do so, he also provided me with some ways to help the veteran’s organization that he is the president of on campus.

Although the snow storm made the Student Center less crowded than usual, a lot of people were interested in what we were doing. Of course there were some anti-freedom students who wanted nothing to do with us. However, a lot of people we talked to were interested in discussing their opinions on US foreign policy.

I’m looking forward to the warm weather when I can go outside to do even more events! A lot of people like to interact with events that take place outside on the quad. Hopefully the nor’easters will stop coming and let us do some outdoor activism!

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