“Bring Them Home” Tabling a Success at the University at Buffalo!

On a warm Thursday, May 3, Young Americans for Liberty hosted a “Bring Them Home” Tabling inside UB’s highly trafficked Student Union.  Garnering interest- form sign- ups for our upcoming meeting this Monday evening, we talked to students of various backgrounds concerning the federal government’s largely unconstitutional warfare, this of course resulting in thousands of lost servicemen in addition to trillions of taxpayer dollars in reckless deficit spending.  Not only have President Trump and past U.S. Presidents engaged in acts of war without Congressional approval, but they have done so for moral, humanitarian reasons; they have not necessarily considered how the ordinary American citizen would benefit from such wars, if at all. On Monday, May 7, we will be discussing these issues further at the YAL Weekly Meeting.  We absolutely love America’s armed forces, which is why it’s time for them to come home to their families.  Support the troops, end the wars!

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