Bringing Harmabe and Liberty to Bristol Community College

With all the recent controversy over at UMASS Amherst over Harambe memes and free speech, I decided it would be a smart tactic to include Harambe at my YAL Chapter’s table at the BCC Annual Club Fair. I went and printed out some “Saving Private Harambe” Memes, grabbed my materials, and set up shop (Which was set up near a Christian Ministry Club, and a club focused on getting the state to fund education).

During the first half hour, not much happened. Students weren’t even looking at my table and just walking over to every other set up that wasn’t mine. While a bit upsetting at first, things soon turned around when one gentleman approached my table and started laughing at the Harambe memes I had set up. I began telling him that UMASS Amherst has been censoring free speech on their campus, and banning Harambe memes. He was outraged, and then became even more interested in our organization. We had a great conversation for the next 5 minutes, then he signed up, and picked up some Harambe memes he could then spread around to his friends.

Similar occurrences happened throughout the day, until one man approached me and began going on the typical liberal rant about how we need government regulations, or we need control of the market or everyone will die, and just the usual liberal scare tactics they just love to use. It was alright however, because after giving my input I indirectly shunned him away, so he wouldn’t scare away any other potential members for my Chapter.


Even thought there weren’t a ton of students who arrived to the Club Fair, we still got a few signatures and handed out a ton of memes about Harambe, and taught students the importance of free speech on our college campus.

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