Bringing Liberty to Jackson College

On September 8, 2015 Young Americans for Liberty at Jackson College (YAL @ JC) joined several other student groups for Jet Jam, the school’s student group recruitment drive. In this four hour recruiting event the President, Andrew Folkler, and the two Vice President’s Calvin Payne and William Folkler, teamed up to introduce the principles of liberty to the students.


Many students were attracted by the idea of taking the YAL political quiz to see where on the graph did their views fall under. Using the short political quiz and the other resources provided in the Recruitment Drive kit, our chapter was able to get 52 signups in the four hours spent recruiting!


The following day YAL @ JC hosted their first “Wednesday Frisbee” event, allowing students to come together and destress after class. Several students came to this social gathering and joined our chapter in an hour of frisbee and philosophical conversation. Several other students brought up interesting points of history and economic theory that made the overall experience interesting and educational. As long as the weather is good, YAL @ JC plans to continue this weekly tradition.

On Friday, September 11, YAL @ JC hosted their kickoff meeting in a classroom where we had six new members come to the meeting. There we introduced the principles of the group and openly discussed the liberties we all felt were important to us.


The meeting was such a success that even though we only scheduled the meeting to be an hour, the newer members stayed an extra hour to continue the discussion. After the meeting we recruited two new leaders and hosted our first social night the day after. We brought a total of nine students to Steak N’ Shake to enjoy a good burger with a milkshake and we all got a chance to get to know each other better.

Steak and Shake

This was especially good for the members who lived on campus as the lack of liberty in the school cafeteria has resulted in less appealing choices for the students. Thus, those on campus were happy to eat something different. 

Overall the efforts of our leaders were what made this first week of school a success for YAL @ JC and the excitement for liberty is a growing flame. The recruitment drive has brought a group of like minded people together who may have never met due to different career choices. As a result new friendships have been forged and new opportunities are beginning to present themselves.


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