Bringing Liberty to Vassar

The Vassar YAL Chapter partnered with the Leadership Institute to put on a spectacular membership drive on September 2nd. Not only did we table at the Activities Fair, but we also rolled a giant Free Speech Ball, courtesy of LI Northeast Regional Coordinator Samuel Mariscal. The ball was a big hit, drawing many students over. A lot of people wrote on the ball, including the new College President and her husband, and we were able to translate their curiosity into them signing up to join. My fellow Executive Board members were tabling while Samuel and I rolled the ball around. They distributed pocket Constitutions, YAL buttons and stickers, and the leftover dollar bills from the Ax the Tax kit that say “taxation is theft”. We garnered 39 signups that day.

Our efforts clearly paid off, as 40 people attended our first meeting, the most we’ve had in four years. Last year only 13 showed up for our first meeting. Our second meeting had an attendance of 20, which is not bad, especially considering Vassar is a small hyper-progressive liberal-arts college. We already have an event planned, and we are excited to see what we as a chapter can achieve. We look forward to making liberty win at Vassar College.

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