British Riots Against Capitalism?

I was pretty stoked to see the British protesters on the news tonight. Let me tell you, the Brits know how to riot.* Unfortunately, most of these people, if the mainstream media aren’t lying, are protesting the wrong thing: the San Francisco Examiner says 4,000 anti-capitalists protested London’s financial district. The intellectual battle to define capitalism wages on, and many believe that capitalism got us into our current economic mess.

The question is…what capitalism? These down swings have been caused by decades of interventionism by governments and central banks tampering with prices and the monetary system.

It is up to us, in America, to continue the Santelli Tea Parties and ensure the success of their message. Teach the truth; enjoy capitalism.

*I think there is a difference between protest and riot. Like our founding fathers, let’s protest, not riot.

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