Bronco Bash Recruitment Drive at Western Michigan University

Today Western Michigan University held it’s annual Bronco Bash recruitment drive. Despite out chapter’s newly forming status, we showed up in full force! Our chapter engaged with passersby about the principles of liberty and garnered a surprising amount of discussion from students, university workers, and members of the community.

People from all walks of life and political backgrounds were interested in the philosophy of liberty. Disenfranchised Bernie supporters connected with us on foreign policy, the drug war, and immigration. Conservative students found YAL’s commitment to free market capitalism and individual liberty refreshing. Countless international students wanted to learn more about the liberty movement in the United States.

Bronco Bash was a whirlwind victory for our fledgling chapter, especially considering there were only two YAL members working the table. Pocket Constitutions rocketed off the table to the point that we ran out in the first hour and a half. A diverse group of students and community members engaged with us about the philosophy of liberty and related policies. In total, we got 55 enthusiastic sign ups from students.

It looks like we’re going to need to find a larger meeting space. This is a great problem to have!

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