Brooklyn Is Lagging Behind

Below is a piece I wrote recently reflecting my views on my district’s Congressional race. I think you’ll find it interesting…

Apparently, there’s a Republican Primary for the 13th Congressional District and the incumbent is… well, I don’t know what he is. New York politics can sometimes be sadder than a 60 year old attorney trying to make a name for himself by parading with Michael Bloomberg. And while I respect each candidate’s eagerness to “run our country,” I have to say, all the candidates are simply awful.

There are three people vying for the 13th Congressional seat: Michael Grimm (R), Michael Allegretti (R), and Michael McMahon (D- Incumbent). And why do all of them colloquially “suck”? Because they all stand for the same things. Taking a look at their websites’ listed issues, you’ll find very neatly organized lists of essentially crap that dictate the same things coming from all sides. It’s the same sound-bite garbage that forces the voter to choose a candidate based on specific issues rather than a principled philosophy.

Take Michael Grimm, for example. On his website he states, “I pledge to… redirect the remainder of the unspent stimulus money to small business programs.” But he says he is against high taxation and the Obama agenda. Well, Mr. Grimm, stimulus money is generated through taxation and rather than playing economic czar and redistributing this “excess” stimulus cash where you deem fit, why don’t you just return it to the people the government stole it from? It would be great if we, as a society, for once ran a candidate who wasn’t some technocrat but instead was an educated advocate of free market principles. Free market means free market and not a twist of what “looks” like the okay thing to do. The sad matter of fact is that Mr. Grimm still wants to actually use the stimulus money and redirect it himself. As far as I’m concerned, the “free market” means government (a Congressman) does NOT distribute where he/ she thinks the money should go. That limits growth. That is a Keynesian market system.

Don’t worry, Michael Allegretti is just as laughable. His Issues state: “I do believe that government has a role to play in helping consumers protect themselves in the marketplace and in rewarding certain types of behavior by the private sector, but it cannot be allowed to make decisions for the private sector.” Ok, fair enough- government cannot be allowed to make decisions for the private sector. But government apparently has to help consumers protect themselves? And it’s government’s role to “reward” behavior? If you’re running on the Republican ticket, you need to come to the realization that you’re running on the party line that is supposed to limit government, not give it an inch and watch it take three miles. No one rewards “certain types of behavior” except for the market and the consumer. When government “rewards behavior,” that’s called crony capitalism. It’s glorified Keynesian economics at best. Government’s only role in the market should be to eliminate fraud- not reward or helping consumer “protect themselves.” Consumers should be able to make a purchase without the heavy hand of government. Those candidates who “protect” consumers are called Democrats and they tend to take protection two steps further; they tax you.

And of course, there’s Michael (Jesus, three Michaels?!) McMahon, the incumbent. I had the chance of meeting Mr. McMahon in Washington, DC. I told him I was a resident of his district and wanted to chat with him for 5 minutes. I never got a response. You know what that means? He just lost a vote. That’s right, Mr. Congressman; when you don’t give your own constituent the light of day, he won’t vote for you. In any case, Mr. McMahon sounds more like a  Republican than the other two hacks running for Congress… except Mr. McMahon is a Democrat. Just listen to what he has to say about economic recovery:

First, HR 1 provided tax cuts for 95% of all Americans through payroll tax reductions.  It eliminated the AMT for middle class workers, provided a first time homebuyer tax credit of $8000 to revitalize the housing market, a sales tax deduction to help encourage people to buy cars, and a $2500 tax credit for students attending college.

It also provided billions of much needed support for our schools and State and local budgets to avoid painful layoffs among our teachers, and to avoid dramatic cuts in our health care services.

And of particular importance to our district are the $64 billion provided to rebuild our infrastructure.

First, this guy actually wants to lower taxes (and actually voted against Obama’s “historic” healthcare overhaul). Second, he mentions funding for schools and that’s where the free market starts crying in a corner, rocking back and forth while muttering to itself obscenities. Dear American people and good citizens of the 13th Congressional District, education is NOT a right. The Federal government has NO jurisdiction to fund anything related to “education” because it appears nowhere in our constitution. Allowing the government to control education has created a financial and cultural mess within itself. And lastly, Mr. McMahon is directing funds to something Congress is actually supposed to do- “establish post roads,” as stated in the Constitution.

So the Republicans are essentially unsure as to where they stand when it comes to playing with your tax dollars and the incumbent Democrat has it half-right but still has the “D” next to his name for a reason.

It’s not “left versus right.” It’s the State versus You. It comes down to whether you want government to expand its power or government to understand its limits. Everything costs money, from the wars overseas to infringing on your civil liberties to paying for healthcare reform. Nothing is free and government is playing with your money to pay for it all. It seems, sadly enough, that each of these candidates want to play Risk with your money, just in different ways. Why don’t we run a candidate who comprehends the true tenets of the free market? Someone who actually believes in Liberty and has read the Constitution

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