Brooklyn Young Republican Revolution

There is a deep rift in the Brooklyn Republican Party, in case you haven’t noticed from my previous posts. Back in September 2009, I was elected County Committeeman in my district under high political pressure. After my primary (in which I won by plurality of the vote), the party crack deepened and worsened. The County Convention was essentially between an old neonconservative who hoarded money (the incumbent), and a reformer who wanted to change the way the party runs.

Needless to say, my proxy went to the reformer, but the Brooklyn GOP establishment decided to run hate blogs against the more liberatian-minded people in the party. And so, the Brooklyn GOP split between libertarian minded youth (Brooklyn Young Republicans), and the GOP establishment. Day-in and day-out, I have been working vehemently with many of the little rebels in the party system to help bring real change to conservatism in New York. Below is a video encapuslating the movement here in Brooklyn.

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