Brown’s Victory a Vote of Anger with Government

Scott Brown isn’t great on all issues, but his win is interesting because it shows that people are at least putting some thought into voting.  Places like California and New England will no longer automatically vote blue, but may be willing to elect candidates based on more than party.  As Mish Shedlock explains,

Brown’s victory was not so much a vote for Brown, but a vote out of anger, anger of backroom deals, anger over jobs, anger over wars, anger over special deals for politicians and unions, anger over banks, and most importantly, anger because “Yes We Can” morphed into “Business As Usual, Only Worse”….

Without a doubt, Brown sent a message to Obama specifically and Democrats in general that the public is fed up. Indeed, this special election shows Obama’s message is as out of place as a bullfrog on the lead microphone at an opera.

Read more here, and keep in mind Shedlock’s conclusion:  “[R]est assured the music will fall on deaf ears unless you act.”  Brown’s win will destroy the Democrats’ filibuster-proof majority in the Senate.  This will undoubtedly be good in the short term — and may stop universal health care from passing — but in the long term we need change more substantial than this.

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