Bruce Bartlett erects a Straw Man

Bartlett conflates “undermining the independence of the Fed” with Auditing the Fed.  Though the goal of SOME of the sponsors of Ron Paul’s bill HR 1207 is to coalesce the power of the Fed with authority possesed by Congress, it certainly is not Ron Paul’s goal.  Bartlett references Tom Woods testimony to Congress.  The blatant disregard for the words that come out of Tom Woods’ mouth brings a reasonable human being to believe Bartlett is engaged in some sort of doublethink. 

When confronting the issue of Fed independence Tom Woods said:

For example some suggest it would remove the Fed’s independence and subject monetary policy to politics. Nonsense.  There is nothing in the bill that seeks to control Fed actions. An audit will only expose their actions to sunlight. 

Draw your own conclusions about why Bartlett would misrepresent the bill.  Thanks to

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