Bruce Bartlett is a Liberal

I’m sick of advocates of the welfare state calling themselves “conservatives” and demanding that Republicans do the same if they hope to win again. Why win again if the policies you champion only hurt our country and damage our way of life? I would rather lose on principle than win for the sake of regaining power.

There is no greater time than now to call out and purge these so-called “conservatives”. If you are going to advocate more government, more taxes, and more control over my life, then don’t parade your ideas under my banner. You are not one of us. It is not us that needs to change; it is you that needs to change. You need to change your political title and stop calling yourself a conservative. Go find a comfortable seat on the left where you now belong.

Today, Monday, January 26, Bruce Bartlett can no longer call himself a conservative. Unless he takes back and apologizes for his recent article in the Politico, Bruce Bartlett is a Liberal.

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