Bryan Caplan’s 40 Things In 40 Years

Bryan Caplan, a fellow advocate for liberty, has posted on his blog “40 Things I Learned in My First 40 Years” in celebration of his 40th birthday. The list would be enjoyed by any liberty-lover out there for its honesty. 

Some examples:


1. Supply-and-demand solves countless mysteries of the world – everything from rent control to road congestion.


6. Talking about morality if there are no moral facts is like talking about unicorns if there aren’t any unicorn


1. Voters are irrational.  So is believing otherwise.


4. Obsessiveness is an powerful solution for physical and social problems.  Unfortunately it’s also a major cause of emotional problems.

I had the pleasure of sitting next to Professor Caplan during lunch at the 2011 International Students For Liberty conference and I can say that it was indeed a pleasure. Listening to and reading Caplan’s work is both fascinating and enjoyable.

H/T Josh Blackman.

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