Bucks County Community College celebrates 225 years of the Constitution!

YAL Set up

Constitution Week at Bucks County Community College was marked by great success. YAL worked with the Student Government Association and Open Door club to help educate the students better about their basic rights made available to them through the United States Constitution. We set up in a fair-type setting and invited many organizations (NORML, the NRA, Oathkeepers, Students for a Sensible Drug Policy, The Coalition for Advancing Freedom, and three political parties) to help us promote various parts of the Constitution on our campus.


NRA and Libertarian Parties
Our YAL chapter supplied the students at Bucks County Community College with pocket Constitutions and helped those a little lost in the political party area with finding their home and directing them to the respective party with the help of the Politically Homeless Quiz given to us by our friends with Advocates for Self- Government. We had a successful day of educating many students and finding more interested in coming to our chapter meetings and helping to promote liberty in our school — and more importantly our country.

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