Building a Bigger Log Cabin

I’m sure we all remeber this little event from last year’s CPAC:

Well now the social conservative wing of the Republican party is taking even more action. According the Washington Times:

Some of the nation’s most prominent social conservatives are sending a message to their economic brethren by dropping out of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in response to the decision to include GOProud, a gay conservative group, as a participating organization.
“The base-line reason is that homosexuality is not a conservative value,” said Bryan Fischer, the American Family Association’s director of issue analysis. “It’s the conservative PAC, not the libertarian PAC.”
But apparently the CPAC boardmembers are standing by their decision:
Two CPAC board members contacted by The Washington Times said they were distressed by the departure of key social conservatives and considered it a high priority to have them participate in the 2012 conference. At the same time, they said, they knew of no plans to downgrade GOProud’s status or otherwise modify the program.
The  groups opting out of CPAC this year are the Heritage Foundation, the Family Research Council, the Center for Military Readiness, the American Family Association, the American Principles Project, the Liberty Counsel, and the National Organization for Marriage.
Maybe it’s just me, but it seems that if these groups really cared about shrinking government, homosexuality wouldn’t even be on their legislative radar. Maybe if the resources they have spent on trying to pass a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage were focused on reducing the size of government instead, we wouldn’t be facing a debt ceiling being raised to nearly 100% of GDP.
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