Building Liberty at Iowa State’s Annual Clubfest

This past Wednesday September 9, Iowa State’s YAL chapter hit the ground hard. 5 hours of asking all that would listen if they loved liberty, the Bill of Rights, or the Constitution. I would say after a pretty good response, we received close to 60 sign ups!

Chapter President representing at ISU's Clubfest

We offered a get together after the event with free pizza to those who came. We had a good sized group of about 15 people come and talk about what they were passionate about. There was a great mix of people whose passions fell in various, but all interconnected, places.

We had many worried about the National Debt and even more worried about our Foreign Policy. Many new to the group brought experience and knowledge of issues that others were interested in, but not all in the know about.

All I can say is that liberty is coming to take ISU by storm!

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