Building Momentum and Spreading Liberty at UCR

Toward the end of another busy quarter, the University of California – Riverside YAL team really stepped up our game and hit some milestones for our chapter. For the first time ever, we took advantage of an under-utilized YAL resource and hosted a virtual speaker.

At our recruiting table, we tried a simple strategy. Instead of just regular tabling, we made signs and took a live poll of students on whether they believed Bush or Obama was a worse President. The overwhelming response was that both Obama and Bush were bad. Over 50 students participated in the poll in just hours.

Recruiting for the event

A few professors allowed us to make announcements in their classes about our speaker. On the day of the event, Jacob Hornberger, president of the Future of Freedom Foundation, spoke to a crowd more than twice the size of our previous meetings. He compared the presidencies of Obama and Bush and their impact on liberty, concluding that they were both quite damaging.

virtual speaker

After his talk, the audience got to ask questions about everything ranging from Justice Scalia’s death to campus “safe spaces.” We thanked Jacob Hornberger, and he promised everyone at the meeting a free one-year subscription to FFF’s newsletter. We immediately invited everyone to our next event. After the meeting ended, many of the guys stayed to chat afterward until it was time to clear the room for the next group who had it reserved.

The very next week, we hosted a workshop on how to deal with police confrontations by exercising one’s 4th and 5th Amendment rights. Coming up next, we will be participating in YAL’s great nationwide Free Speech event, “Can We Take A Joke?” on April 13.

On April 27, we are partnering with UCR College Republicans to have Lawrence Reed speak about “The Victims of Socialism.” Our numbers continue to grow and as we’ve recruited a lot of freshman and sophomores, our chapter will have a strong leadership to carry on the cause of liberty even after our older members graduate. Things can only get better from here. 

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