Building YAL at University of Colorado Boulder

Hello all,

I’m happy to announce that the CU Boulder’s chapter of YAL is officially recognized in the eyes of the university so our organization may now hold events on campus with university resources. This will mean monthly meetings starting after spring break (April 5th will be our first meeting of the semester) as well as monthly activism/outreach events led by our members.

Although not formally recognized by the school at the time, our chapter has already completed one successful activism event championing free speech on our campus. Thanks to the help of Devon Johnson, our Colorado State Chair, Ashley St. Clair, the Chapter President of UCCS, as well as two YAL officers of UCCS, Raven Matlby and Walter Anderson, we were able to earn forty signatures from students and gained one new member as a result.

We were excited upon learning that our classmates, as well as members of the administration, were eager to aid in our push for more liberal free speech laws at CU. The Free Speech Ball was an excellent visual tool for conveying the importance of protected speech, and we received tremendous positive feedback from our peers as a result.

In the next month, we plan to hold an event regarding US involvement in foreign affairs. Starting the chapter from the ground up has been honest work, and we’re looking forward to reaching new students everyday.

Wishing you all the best,

Jacob Wilkes
University of Colorado – Boulder YAL Chapter President

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