Bumper’s Response to an Angry Liberal, and what that Angry Liberal’s Attack Can Teach Us about Many Modern Progressives

Recently, Jacob Hornberger was attacked by DailyKos blogger John Sumner, and responded masterfully.  Mr. Hornberger notes that while liberals may differ from conservatives at the grassroots level, their leaders have always and continue to endorse welfare, statism, and killing hundreds thousands of innocent people. Indeed, he concludes, it is only the radical libertarians that oppose such evil, while the left largely acquieces to it.

Hornberger is, of course, right. The fact that he — and “the movement” in general– represents the real oppostion to war and the establishment is, I think, the source of the hatred from pro-Obama progressives like Sumner, Markos Moulitsas and ThinkProgress bloggers.  The endless mockery and implications of “racism” — noticeably absent in the analyses of principled progressives like Glenn Greenwald and Jane Hamsher — stems from the realization by power-mad lefties that, for all their PC speech codes and heresy hunting, we the Wal-Mart shopping radicals are pro-peace and they, the kumbaya-singing Obamaites, are de facto pro-war at day’s end.

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