Bush Torture Memos

As most of you may have heard, memos concerning the use of “enhanced interrogation techniques” have been released to the public by the Department of Justice. I thought it necessary to provide everybody with a copy of these disgraceful documents. Download them here.

It is important to point out that the position the Obama Administration has taken to not prosecute individuals responsible for carrying out these techniques is in direct violation of the UN Convention Against Torture. The US is a signatory of this convention and ratified it as a treaty, which under the US Constitution gives it the full authority of law within the United States. As Ryan Powers from Think Progress puts it:

Indeed, Article 2 of the convention on torture explains that “no exceptional circumstances whatsoever” can be used to legally justify torture. Further, the convention states that an “order from a superior officer or a public authority may not be invoked as a justification of torture.”

STANDARD: CIA torturers are according to U.S. President Obama not to be prosecuted. Is that decision supportable?

NOWAK: Absolutely not. The United States has, like all other Contracting Parties to the UN Convention Against Torture, committed itself to investigate instances of torture and to prosecute all cases in which credible evidence of torture is found.

Therefore, President Obama is now in violation of US law. The American people should demand a full investigation of the Bush Administration and the current Obama Administration and have all guilty of war crimes brought to justice. If not, we are setting a dangerous precedent for future presidents.

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