Busy Busy Bees in the City of Trees

Liberty is alive in Chico! 

We have been so busy with activism that we haven’t even had time to post the pictures. 

First up, we were in the news!

We held a rally in the City Park protesting possible military intervention in Syria.

Our next event was a free speech wall. Lots of people stopped by to sign the wall, and tons of people signed.

Table set up for Wall Event

Lots of people enjoying free speech

Tabling has been going great! So many signatures it is hard to find the time to upload them! Thanks to Advocates for Self Government, our table is one hoping joint! The Operation Politically Homeless Kit is drawing nice crowds! 

One person expressing herself

The Free Speech Wall Crew
I didn’t think to take pictures of our first meeting (guess we were just having too much fun). We had a turn-out of 24 people, and made good use of some of the Domino’s Card with a pool party after the meeting. Our second meeting came in at around 15 people. Many people stop by our table and express interest even though they can’t make it to meetings. I anticipate a huge return on our tabling efforts!

We took quite a few more pictures. They are up on our Facebook page.

We have big plans for Constitution Week! I get so excited when I see other chapters posting their activities on Facebook. I can feel that this year is going to be awesome! Let’s make 2013-2014 a great year for liberty!

Look at how much fun this quiz is!

The Tally for the first day

Nice size group

Yeah our table was that bumping. He took the quiz :)

Happy to Learn about Liberty

Taking the quiz

More quiz takers Giving a speech in the City Plaza

and more

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