Busy Semester at Penn State

This semester for Penn State Young Americans for Liberty has been surprisingly busy. We started our semester with the involvement fair in which we got lots of attention from new and young students. That started us on the right foot since we got an influx of new underclassman members to do good things with. Our first meeting went without a hitch and we had a lot of excitement in our members. We even elected a new position: Our official Club DJ!  He has been great in creating a fun environment during our meetings for our members to feel relaxed in. 

Involvement Fair

Involvement Fair Sign Up

Unfortunately for us this semester has been the coldest and snowiest of all my four years at Penn State causing us to delay a lot of our great plans to better times, since there were weeks where the high temperature was in the singles. We, however, didn’t let this delay our creative juices from flowing and have been working on creative and fun activities and activism to bring to our campus in the upcoming weeks. 

We also had the great honor of hosting the YAL Pennsylvania State Convention. This went great with speakers like Jack Hunter getting to speak to a great crowd composed of student-activists from all over the state; we even had Ron Paul Skype in! Our chapter did a great job promoting this event around the campus and helping out on the day of helping to making things run smoothly. The day after we hosted a Design Thinking course for a few student activists from other schools which was extremely educational for everyone involved. 

Ron Paul!

Penn State YAL is excited for the rest of this brief semester. Between officer elections soon, upcoming speaker events, and other activism we have our hands full. But with no one else to step up we as a group gladly take up the burden. For liberty!

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