Butler YAL Constitution Week and Recruitment Drive

With the start of the new school year, it was time for more liberty activism!


This year, Butler YAL started strong by having fall recruitment as well as Constitution Week. Unfortunately, both our primary student involvement day and its makeup date got cancelled due to weather, but we tabled and participated in student involvement week afterwards to make up the missed time. In addition, a second involvement fair was added for October 10 due to low freshmen participation, so we took advantage of that day as well. Our efforts yielded us 50 new names, with 10 at the callout!

Following that, we went hard at work for Constitution Week. Using our stipend from YAL national, we created a giant Constitution for students to sign and reaffirm their rights! Instead of making it appear old and faded like a normal constitution, we decided to make it vibrant and colorful to attract more students to the constitution.


This culminated in a speaker named Publius Huldah, who is a former trial lawyer and now speaks passionately about the founder’s intent of the constitution and what it means today. Publius discussed the proposed Article V convention of the states as well as how states should consider nullification in response to federal overreach. We were able to attract about 15 attendees to the event!

We are very excited for the rest of the year and upcoming activism. Our next event will be a screening of “Locked out” in order to discuss how economic freedom helps all people, and not just big business owners! 

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