Butler YAL Educates about Obamacare

With the recent healthcare bill and how it has been implemented, Butler YAL members have been worried about how it will affect young people. Since so many Butler students are pre-health care majors in some way shape or form, we’re also interested in how it would affect doctors and other healthcare professionals. So, we decided to raise awareness!


Our campaign had two parts, first we received a kit from Generation Opportunity (thanks to Corie Whalen!) so that we could table and show people how unfair Obamacare is for young people and why we have a better deal by “Opting Out” of the healthcare exchanges. We used the “Wheel of Misery” and the Opt Out cards and coozies to educate people, and they were shocked how much it cost and how much you will save by opting out. 

Tabling with the wheel

We then brought a doctor, thanks to the Leadership Institute and Amanda Hale, to discuss how it is affecting his practice. Dr.Stock explained why he, and many other doctors, are abandoning hospitals and instead are starting private practices in order to decline Medicaid, Medicare, and certain forms of insurance.

One of the most horrifying things that Dr.Stock told us was how many doctors are being laid off here in Indiana in favor of Nurse Practitioners and Physicians Assistants, lowering the quality of care. There is also a cap on the percentage of profit for each plan sold, encouraging higher prices!

He later went on to explain how people seem to want to expand government, to solve problems that government started. Currently, Medicaid and Medicare subsidizes unhealthy sedentary lifestyles, and government regulations cause people to labelled as “obese” for having a large BMI, even if that weight is from muscle. This is essentially mandating doctors to fill out prescriptions when they aren’t needed.

This event was a huge success for us, with more than 30 attendees, including several from outside of Butler! We were also able to pick up about 30 to 40 new sign-ups. Every person who attended received a Constitution, an opt out palm card, an opt out sticker, and a copy of Why liberty? in order to try to convince people our liberty-minded ideals are for them! Hopefully next semester is even better for us!  

more tabling


Dr.Stock lecture


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