Butler YAL makes the case for a humble executive


“The formula is simple: immodest executives lead to immodest governments. Free republics have small limited executive offices.”

So begins Dr.Gary Gregg from the McConnell Centre for Leadership at University of Louisiville. Dr.Gregg came to Butler on Constitution Day through ISI to speak to us about the powers of the president and its growth over the last few administrations. Dr.Gregg started with the abuses of power from the current administration, from bullying the congress, to unilaterally going to war with Libya, to abusing veto.

He later went back and explained the problems with the last few presidents and explaining what the founders intended. He was able to articulate why the dynamics of the presidency and congress changed: progressivism. Our Constitution was set up for deliberation, not to quickly change things, which is how the office is used today. With the limited time we had to prepare the event, we had a good attendance, about 20 people, with five of them signing up with both YAL and ISI and being very enthusiastic.


For the event, we passed out copies of the Constitution, Economic Liberty and the Constitution, The Road to Serfdom, and ISI sign up cards. In addition, we had copies of Why Liberty, After the Welfare State, and The Morality of Capitalism; plus stickers, pins and other materials for new sign ups.


All of the materials were a hit! With most people already reading through all of the materials we gave them and really enjoying them. Overall, it was a successful recruitment event for us that netted the chapter some good sign ups and educated people on an aspect of liberty we sometimes don’t think about; the transformation of the presidency using the bully pulpit.

Free stuff!

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