Butler YAL Spring recruiting drive a success!

Excited about liberty!

The first semester of the year started off strong for Butler YAL. We started by emailing our advisor, as well as other professors in areas who might be interested, to let students know about Butler YAL and our first meeting in order to build excitement.

We have tabling skills

We then used the YAL tabling materials we got this semester at our spring block party and it was a huge success. People loved using our World’s Smallest Political Quiz to see where they were on the spectrum and were shocked to see what politicians they agreed with and how pro-liberty they really were.

Free stuff!

Also very helpful were copies of The Law and Economics in One Lesson from the Leadership Institute — people loved getting these free informative books! One thing that was interesting to see during tabling was how many people who fell into the “liberal” quadrant were interested in the philosophy of liberty.

good looking dudes

It seems people on both sides are frustrated by the constant political bickering and backlash from both sides and want a fresh perspective like what YAL is offering. People were also fascinated by the explanation of how free markets actually help the people they want to help the most. Overall it was a great recruitment period with over 45 sign-ups and 23 at our first call-out meeting! Butler YAL is starting to get a presence on campus!

10/10 would liberty

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