Butler’s newest student group: Young Americans for Liberty!

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What do most people think of when they hear “Butler Bulldogs?” Basketball? Blue the Bulldog? Well, hopefully now it is the spreading of the message of liberty.


While I just started the process of building a YAL chapter at the end of July, our progress is outstanding. At first, recruitment was just using social media, texting, etc. After a small network had been established, as well as arriving on campus, I put the skills learned at the National Convention to use to table and attract new members. While we had difficulties from the administration at first, we were able to use the Students for Liberty at Butler chapter’s table to attract new recruits.


Tabling materials


Some of the things that were extremely helpful in recruiting were the World’s Smallest Political Quiz, the free pins and stickers from YAL, and copies of The Morality of Capitalism, Why Liberty, and After the Welfare State from SFL.


Tabling at Block Party with SFL


Later in the week, we set up another table outside of our student union to attract more people. While we signed up fewer people, we found many enthusiastic recruits as well as faculty members who were excited to see more political groups coming to campus — including a philosophy professor who espouses socialism, he was very excited to pick up copies of After the Welfare State and The Morality of Capitalism!


Our first meeting was a success, as well! With twelve people showing up, and many more who had class but will be active, we gave out Constitutions and books. At our meeting we discussed ideas for this semester’s activism as well as leadership roles. With help from the IUPUI branch, our fall recruitment has been a resounding success, with over 60 people on our mailing list and many very interested in working hard on our new activism activities.  


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