Buyer’s Remorse

Here’s a new website: I Am Sorry I Voted for Obama. If you or someone you love made this horrible mistake, you should go sign their petition.

The website is mildly funny, although in general I would not make too much of the anti-Obama movement. If most of these people hadn’t voted for Obama they would have voted for McCain, not Ron Paul or Chuck Baldwin. They were, after all, dumb enough to vote for Obama in the first place. (Although it is nice to see that in the “Primary Concerns” pie chart few people opposed Obama because of his stances on “a free Iran” and “national security” [two hawkish euphemisms] and most did so because of his economic policies.) But I would say that, still, most people seem to support a large government, and only think that Obama is mishandling his job, as recent polls suggest.

YAL has been telling Obama voters “You’ll be sorry” since inauguration day. Once again, we turn out to be right, although maybe not for the right reasons.

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