C4L Site Blocked…

…for containing “racist” content.  From the blog at The American Conservative:

A friend checked out of the Dulles Sheraton Hotel yesterday morning.  Before leaving to catch his flight, he used the hotel internet service to check the sites that he reads each day.  He could not access Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty site.  The message ”Code 451 – The access to the address above is restricted. According to our harmful content database, SiteCoach does not allow you to visit this page” appeared.  When he tried again and held the key down a very brief message appeared that said “Forbidden: keyword racist.”

It wasn’t the government doing the blocking, (well, not yet, that is) but rather a private screening company. As Giraldi notes in his post, if “the private sector, to include sites like google, is forced to adopt some kind of voluntary community standard it will result in the end of the internet as we know it,” especially if it were a standard along the lines of the one this company employs.

Read the rest here, and take action against the passage of the Cybersecurty Act, S.773, which if passed will bring us one rather large step closer to full government control of the internet.

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