CA Raises Taxes because Cars Got Too Green

On Monday July 2, 2013, the State of California’s additional 3.5 cents per gallon tax on gasoline went into effect, which will increase the total tax on gasoline to 72 cents per gallon.

According to an article by Gary Richards in the Silicon Valley Mercury News, the increase is (at least) partially due to a loss of revenue for the state because consumers are driving less in cars that get better gas mileage.

So, let’s see if we can get this straight: Auto manufacturers are producing more fuel efficient vehicles due to a combination of market demand and government regulation. Now, states like California and Virginia are raising taxes and fees on the people who have bought the efficient vehicles they were “supposed” to buy. What will this do other than return to the people some of the financial burden they rid themselves of by driving more efficient cars? 

Thank you, California!  Obviously, life was getting far too easy for us little people!

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