Cabot Phillips at Michigan State University

Last week, Young Americans for Liberty at Michigan State University was proud to host Cabot Phillips along with the MSU College Republicans, James Madison College Conservatives, and Turning Point USA at MSU. The Media Director of Campus Reform and the Director of Campus Outreach with the Leadership Institute, Cabot Phillips was named one of Red Alert’s 30 Under 30 most influential young conservative leaders (along with YAL’s President Cliff Maloney). He presented on ‘Why Political Correctness Makes Everybody Stupid,” focusing on how free speech and expression is threatened on college campuses by collectivism and identity politics. Over thirty students came during finals week to see Phillips’ presentation and were able to promote YAL and discuss our principles with students from different political organizations. Thanks to Rebekah Beeton and the Leadership Institute for helping get Cabot on campus for a final event of the semester.

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