Cabrini College Incarceration Nation

On April 27, 2015 liberty was a message heard loud and clear all across Cabrini College’s usually serene campus in Radnor, PA. Outside our main academic building, Founder’s Hall, Young Americans For Liberty was playing music, dancing, explaining, and engaging first year students and long time faculty alike in the message of freedom.


In accordance with Cabrini’s mission, there is a focus on social justice. Although sometimes associated with big government, social justice does not conflict with liberty. Society is best equalized when the citizenry is not forced into action.


Spreading the message of liberty, the Cabrini chapter of YAL focused on shedding light on the fact that the War on Drugs is not only inequitable but a waste of money. If we are to stand idly by while young American citizens, Americans without financial resources are put in a cage for behavior we do not find disharmonious, we are to inherit a legal system which reflects the sentiments of its people less and less.


This message hit home with much of our campus, as we had professors singing our praise as we handed out materials in between class periods. Taxpayers ought not to fund incarceration they disagree with. American citizens ought to be kept in society, contributing, living, enjoying the American dream. Drug addiction is a public health problem, not a criminal justice problem. Reaching new groups of the campus, YAL initiated this dialogue.


The point is, friends, when you have a message which merits listening as much as we do here at YAL, have fun with it. Sing the words loud and proud as there is no lobby, no group which has cause to oppose liberty. We fight for the rights of all American citizens, to reach as many audiences as we can. “We the people” can find common ground with all Americans, there is a consensus on liberty in our chapter, and that is “the more, the better!” But our message has not been encountered or fully realized by all, so until then, we will charge, and we will take our country back.

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