Cal Poly Pomona Fight for Free Speech Ball

The Cal Poly Pomona YAL chapter hosted our first free speech event and it was a great success. As soon as we had the ball pumped up, people started to flock to it. Everybody was excited to write whatever they wanted on a 12 foot beach ball. We wanted to make sure students were aware of the importance of free speech especially on college campuses. 
 Ball 3
We did get some political slogans written on the ball as well as a lot of popular phrases about all of the current candidates running for president. Students seemed genuinely excited about being able to express themselves through writing on the free speech ball. We also had students sign the petition to help change the policies our campus currently has.

Most students were not aware that Cal Poly has a red rating from the organization called FIRE. When we told the students that we were there to fight for free speech on campus they were very excited. We ended the day with over 50 signups from people who supported free speech on campus.

Ball 1
Overall, the event was very successful. We are excited for the future of our chapter and spreading the message of liberty to our fellow students.  
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