Cal Poly SLO Free Speech Event

On April 13th, the YAL chapter at California Polytechnic State University – San Luis Obispo hosted a screening of “Can We Take A Joke.” We advertised for it quite a bit on social media, but due to the fact that we are not yet an official club on campus, we had a bit of difficulty. We could not book a room ahead of time, and had to rely on luck in that regard. 

New YAL Members
After everything, two people showed up to view the film. While this might not seem like a lot that is a quarter of the people needed to petition to be a club on campus. Including myself and other students already involved in our chapter, this got us to reach the number of people needed. Once our bylaws are completely written, we can petition to finally become an official organization. 
The film was interesting, and led to a good discussion. We agreed that it focused too much on some subjects and not enough on others. However; it was a great film and helped us gain experience in the process.
We hope we can use this to grow our chapter and spread the message of liberty on our campus.
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