Cal State Bakersfield- Incarceration Nation & Year’s End Reflections

Greetings from Bakersfield, California! 


We’ve had a great year at the YAL Bakersfield chapter!
It was hard to get the ball rolling, but we’ve got a strong set up for the next school year. My regret: we spent too much time agreeing with each other and philosophizing and not enough time applying our knowledge. That’s why I want to share our Incarceration Nation story.


We don’t believe in half-measures at YAL Bakersfield. Students need to take us seriously because the message of liberty should be delivered seriously. So we set out to gather a metal frame, wooden board, and all the great stuff YAL sent us in our activism kit!  

Asking for a few personal favors really can help!  A weekend of BBQ, beer, and a welding uncle produced a great prop for us to stage the Incarceration Nation demonstration.


Incarceration Nation was well received and it gave students something worth talking about. People would crowd around and pose in the cage with friends–all for the cause of liberty!


I want to thank everyone who helped us throughout the year, and to us liberty warriors I’ve got a message of hope.  Have faith in your fellow students. So long as you can deliver the message of liberty and connect with each student’s realm of experience, you’ll find there are reasonable men and women everywhere you go.

Diligence, direction, and dedication. That’s how Liberty Warriors lead!

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