Cal State Dominguez Hills Choose Charity Fall 2015

The YAL chapter at CSUDH decided to host a one last major event for the semester. Our final meeting was on November 18 and it was there we decided on doing a Choose Charity drive as our last event into the holidays!


We each chipped in and went to the 99 cent store right by our school to buy canned food. We decided to donate the cans to a canned food drive that was being done by another club on campus. This would not only help people in need but also strengthen relations between clubs on campus. 


On December 1 we dropped off the cans and they were really happy that we gave them a charitable donation. This is the reason behind our Choose Charity is that it shows that we can take care of each other without a state structure to do it. It was a great way to finish the semester and cement our relationship not only with other clubs on campus but each other within our chapter.




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