Cal State Fullerton Young Americans for Liberty Fall 2011 Report

CSUF YAL was officially formed in the Spring semester of 2011.  There were five of us hopeful members that were committed and participated strongly despite our lack of numbers.  We pulled off a very successful debt event with the help of the YAL chapter across the street from us at Western State Law School, and attracted two more strong members that are still with us today (Mike Hurley and Daniel Hasso). 

It wasn’t easy for us.  We couldn’t find an adviser at school to support us and our libertarian message.  It finally came down to me asking my graduate adviser, who is a socialist, to just sign the papers for us to become official on campus (she did).  While that may sound like a pity-party, it is a very positive message that there are faculty members on campus that still support the open discussion of different ideas in an university setting.  Since then, when I have discussions with my grad adviser, I have made her feel more comfortable about our positions and we both have come to a consensus that the current system is broken and changes need to be made.

But here we are in the Fall semester and I have only one person to thank, President Barack Obama.  Because of his multiple lies in regards to his campaign promises and his sickening extension of Bush’s foreign policies, students are flocking to us.  Last semester while we had meetings that consisted usually of us core five founders in the underground pub, we now are renting out rooms in the student union that are filled with twenty or more students.  Young people are engaged and interested in our message.  We have Democrats, Republicans, libertarians, and independents that are tired of the status quo and want something different.  We are proud to be the messengers.

I’ve made some great friends by being in this organization; one of them is Brent Burk.  He made this fun video (above) about our recruiting efforts this Fall.  During the meeting in the video, we had guest speaker Tom Hanson, who is the chair of the Orange County Libertarian Party.  He spoke to us about what liberty is and how we can win people over.  We are definitely making progress.

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