Cal State LA Free Speech

For the final time of the semester, CSULA YALers successfully brought the free speech ball to campus last Tuesday, just before finals start up! We started the ball on one side of the campus and rolled it all the way to the other side, getting plenty of signatures and writing along the way!  This is the fifth time this semester we have carried out an event on campus without permission or reservations. We even got comments from the art professors who loved the creative idea of a free speech ball–who would’ve thought?! We had tons of fun for a couple of hours, rolling around the ball, making our own marks, asking others to write on it and sign up with us, inviting people to our meeting, and engaging in conversation with other students and professors. We had a follow-up meeting on Thursday where we all brainstormed for ideas to make our club more organized, bigger, and better for the next school year! We’re already getting pumped for the possibilities that next year will bring us as a club!

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