Calhoun CC attends first Spring Summit in Charlotte

In rainy, but beautiful Charlotte, NC the Calhoun chapter sent its first ever member to a YAL Spring Summit. Attendees received a good dose of relevant personal philosophy, personal opportunities, and useful training for the modern media landscape. In between poignant lessons on Civility and Austrian Economics from former WWE wrestler Glenn Kane, introductions to the reality of local politics, life lessons with Congressman Thomas Massie, was the ever-present call to action instead of infighting from our President, Cliff Maloney. We were also introduced to a local candidate with a statewide proposal that called for an Initiative and Referendum amendment that could form the building block for Liberty in a state with sore need of it. Overall, the Summit was a successful first for our fledgling chapter, a success we hope to repeat at YALCON and next year’s Spring Summit.

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